Sunday, 10 August 2014

Motherhood: An honour and a calling

A friend of mine asked me to share my experience of motherhood for her Facebook page, "The Order of the RedDress". I hope you enjoy it. This is me sharing my heart with you.

"I wasn't always a mom. That may sound obvious to you but I actually want to emphasise that I never thought I'd ever want to be a mom. But marrying an amazing man of God can transform one's dreams into something spectacular! That is definitely MY story. 

Just after Kgabo and I married, I had a prophecy spoken over me that God has called me to be a mother - both in the physical and in the spirit. Almost instantly, my heart yearned to birth little ones that would belong to God and extend His kingdom. So hubby and I prayed about it when we felt we were ready to start a family. A few months later, Mackenzie was born! I vaguely recall wanting a boy but vividly remember my uninhibited joy when our baby girl was laid in my arms. Twenty months later, her bubbly sister Mickaela joined the family! Twenty months after that, little lady Makeida came!  I'm enamored three times over! Yes, I'm called to motherhood. I know that God has entrusted these warrior princesses in my care to shape them and rear them in Christlikeness. 

In a society where so much pain and fear exists, I sometimes can't help but worry over my beautiful little daughters. Then The Lord reminds me that they're His and that He will help us watch over them. It's hard work raising royalty but my, what an absolute joy it is! It's incredible to witness 3 people that look so similar but have such different personalities. My fervent, heartfelt and continued prayer is that I would successfully teach them to love God, love His people, respect themselves, honour their word, to laugh and to never keep trying to give their very best in life. 

Here's to raising women of virtuous substance - Mackenzie, Mickaela and Makeida!"

Mrs DeeDK 

About Me

I'm a daughter of God Almighty. I'm a dedicated wife to a phenomenal husband, DJ Kgabz. I'm a mother to THEE most beautiful little girls, Mackenzie and Mickaela. I am completely devoted to my God-given calling of Christian wife and mother!