Thursday, 8 May 2014

Devoted to forever

It has been said before that it's not how you start the race but how you finish it. That is very true, but I also want to add that how you actually run the race is just as important. Many couples start marriage so excited; so on fire for each other. Starting from the days of being engaged and planning a wonderful wedding day and looking forward to starting a life together as husband and wife. The dreamy stage of "happily ever after" and assuming that nothing will ever go wrong. We have all been there - trust me!

That's why on today's blog post I want to focus on devotion. So many people actually don't see the significance or importance thereof, but it can really be the difference between a good marriage, a great marriage and a failing marriage. Marriage has always been God's idea. So why not keep Him involved once you're together? It can only be a positive thing. There's much strength in praying for one another, and there is a divine power in praying together. If we can start to see our marriages as a love triangle between us, our spouse and God, we've won half the battle. The trouble is not so much starting to do devotion together, although that can also be challenging in the beginning. It's maintaining it that most couples find difficult to do. Life somehow just gets in the way. Between our jobs and raising our children, it's easy to stray away from making time together. 

Kgabo and I decided to get assistance with regards to devotionals that we could do together. And that has made all the difference! We've been able to tackle the uncomfortable topics that we'd have otherwise ignored, with the assistance of Focus on the Family devotionals. We started out a little awkwardly, but we're enjoying them so much now. We're learning a lot about each other along the way, so it's been a blessing! It doesn't feel forced - unlike before when we just randomly picked scriptures to read and discuss. The deliberate consistency has definitely helped to make our devotions meaningful and helpful to the health of marriage.

If you're serious about your relationship (courtship/engagement/marriage), start doing devotion together. If you're doing it for the sake of doing it, start taking it seriously and being intentional about it. Reassess your goals and realign the focus. It can only do you both some good! Happy, healthy marriages make for a happy, healthy society. 

All the best! 

Mrs DeeDK 

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