Monday, 31 March 2014

Is change really good?

A lot has happened in our little family in the last 3 months. This is definitely a year of changes for us. Firstly, we moved from Cape Town to Gauteng. New jobs for both of us. The search for a new home took up most of my time in my first month here. We spent a month apart - Kgabo in Cape Town, the children in Polokwane and I was lugging my 7-month pregnant self around Jo'burg. It was quite the adventure really! 

So there I was staying at a hotel, getting lost and relying on GPS, and adjusting to a new - and slightly different - work environment. Some challenging co-workers and subordinates definitely kept me busy during the day (and sometimes night) while apartment-viewing had my attention in the evenings! It didn't help that my husband was constantly stressing over the safety of his heavily pregnant wife in Big Bad Jozi. I couldn't wait for him to leave Cape Town!

He finally joined me at the end of January, after our furniture AND car had been lost in transit by an incompetent logistics company! Phew! We found an apartment just in the nick of time too. Our things finally arrived a week later and we started to "settle in". Our new helper arrived a few days later, and our new neighbour's place got burgled literally right under our noses. Shucks. We eventually fetched Mackenzie and Mickaela - much to the despair of my parents! We found a daycare for them (which proved to be a terrible place), and they were only there for 6 days before we discovered that there was a lot of negligence. So we found them a new school that is just amazing! I'm happy to report that they're thriving and growing there. More expensive but totally worth it!

During this time, our littlest piece of heaven entered the scene. Yep, Makeida Koko was born on 7 March! A welcome change and addition into our lives! I had a surprisingly wonderful delivery - despite my initial apprehension about a new gynae and hospital. The maternity ward staff were brilliant and kind too. Praise The Lord for that! But what's a great stay without a bit of drama? I experienced first hand what racial hate can do to a person's perception of life. Some random physio made some hectic statements when she thought I didn't understand Afrikaans. That's another can of worms though. What matters is that we're home with our newest little princess. She's such a blessing and reward to us!

Back to the subject at hand...
The reason I felt the need to post this is that we really have been through a lot of changes in this current season. For the most part, it's been amazing (or at least manageable). However, we are human and we do live on earth so you can expect that some of the change has been frustrating. For one, we suddenly have an additional person in our private space. Over the last 3 and a bit years, we've established methods of raising our children. Now we either have to constantly show the helper how we want her to deal with the children or accept the way she handles (or doesn't handle) them. The former is the chosen course of action but it comes with added dynamics. Ay. It also means that we don't have space to be alone - even if all 3 girls are sleeping! So we have to be deliberate about keeping communication lines open as a couple, and spending time together. That's all good and well in theory, but between trying to heal from my c-section wound that came undone on one side and Kgabo's lengthy daily commutes from Benoni to Roodepoort for work, we often find ourselves at polar spectrums.

What I've come to acknowledge is this:
1. Change is inevitable.
2. Change is not necessarily a bad thing.
3. God needs to be the focus during change.
4. God's grace is sufficient for whatever change you must endure.
5. Change is gradual. Don't lose patience. Don't second-guess decisions you've made towards change.
6. If God was the motivation for the change, you're going to be okay.
7. Change is a journey, not a destination. This too shall pass.

Trust in The Lord for He will help you through the times of change.
"The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears, And delivers them out of all their troubles. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the Lord delivers him out of them all." 
(Psalms 34:17, 19 NKJV)

On that note, let me close this chapter.

Mrs DeeDK 

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I'm a daughter of God Almighty. I'm a dedicated wife to a phenomenal husband, DJ Kgabz. I'm a mother to THEE most beautiful little girls, Mackenzie and Mickaela. I am completely devoted to my God-given calling of Christian wife and mother!